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Zetaclear reviewDid you try all kinds of toenail fungus treatments? And none of them worked? And are you considering to try Zetaclear? In that case, read on to learn about my experiences. I was rather skeptical about getting rid of my persistent toenail fungus infection. I had tried many products but none actually worked. So when I stumbled upon Zetaclear ads I was convinced it to be yet another scam. But something made me decide to order it and try it out. Luckily for me because it really did work for me. I am finally toenail fungus free now! Read this Zetaclear toenail fungus treatment review to find out if it can help you get rid of those ugly nails too.

Is Zetaclear Toenail Fungus Treatment a Scam?
It first I thought it was but when I visited their website I learned that this treatment differs from the many other options available in stores and online. I noticed that it concerns a two-phased treatment. The two steps involve a topical and an oral solution. A spray that is applied on the infected toenails themselves and a homeopathic spray that works the infection from the inside out. It is absorbed in the bloodstream and fights the infection systemically. At first I remained wary because, hey we all know the marketing tales and pitches from TV and the internet. But I am glad I tried it because this is not a scam! It actually worked for me. I have used Zetaclear for barely 5 to 6 weeks and I got my smooth, youthful nails back. It was only after a week that I already started noticing improvement! (I understand this is not typical, I may have been lucky.)

How Does It Work?
The two steps I described provide a synergistic effect. They are referred to as an Oral Homeopathic and a Spray and Clear Nails Solution. They compliment each other. In fact it’s all about the ingredients. Here are a few of them with their unique traits:

  • Arsenicum album: Arsenicum album is one of the fifteen most important substances used in homeopathy. It has powerful fungal growth inhibiting properties.
  • The anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties of undecylenic acid have been investigated widely and proven effective.
  • Clove oil is a so called plant fungicide. The fungicidal activity of clove oil has been reported in several scientific publications.
  • Tea tree oil is widely know for its powerful fungi fighting action.

Other Zetaclear Ingredients are; Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E Oil and Lemongrass Oil.

Did You Know?
Did you know that the Mayo Clinic points out that the most effective treatment of toenail fungus make (partially) use of oral medication. Such treatments work by helping new, fungus free, nail growth.

Zetaclear is a safe and natural treatment for toenail fungus which doesn’t offer the harmful side effects associated with many prescription type products. Research reports and clinical trials indicate that Zetaclear is by far the best toenail fungus treatment available on the market today. It fights this particular nail problem. To be more specific, it has several mechanisms of action:

  • restores natural keratin growth,
  • exfoliates yellow keratin debris,
  • and kills the fungus while boosting the growth of new, healthy nails.

Why Choose Zetaclear?

Too many of the prescription medications, as well as over-the-counter treatments, only offer relief from the symptoms of the condition without really doing anything to kill the fungus. Choosing the wrong treatment for nail infection may agitate nail fungi and lead to more severe infection and fungus resistance to that particular treatment.

If you have ever tried other toenail fungus treatments like I did, you should really try Zetaclear. You won’t be disappointed. This is not a scam. There are no known side effects, it’s effective, natural, and has been proven to be completely safe to use (FDA registered).

Follow the footsteps of hordes of satisfied customers by ordering your toenail fungus solution now! The company has a money-back-guarantee and has a two bottles for free offer right now. Once you have gotten your old, healthy nails back, don’t hesitate to drop your Zetaclear toenails fungus review in the comment section below.

Up to 30 million Americans and about 10% of the world population suffer from toenail fungus. At the end of your life the chance you will have had this infection is about fifty-fifty. This condition can not only be embarrassing, and sometimes even painful, but also hard to get rid of as well.

The microscopic little organisms that cause the fungus thrive on warm, dark, and moist conditions and live under toenails which makes treatment arduous. For this reason toenail fungus is more common than fingernail fungus.

The infection, also referred to as ringworm of the nail, is commonly spread in public areas such as showers and swimming pools because of optimal conditions.  Also in nail salons with questionable hygiene you can get the fungus from someone else when for example the nail clippers haven’t been disinfected (properly).

There are four types of fungal infections which are shared under the medical term onychomycosis. These types are:

candidal, proximal subungual, distal subungual and white superficial. Distal subungual refers to an infection that impacts the nail bed and the underside of the nail plate; whereas candidal is more commonly found on the fingernails, generally resulting from a previously damaged nail being frequently submerged under water.

Causes of Toenail Fungus

The cause of getting infected with the toenail fungus is that it it highly contagious. So if you have it you have most likely gotten it from someone else. There are factors that increase the risk on getting infected:

  • Broken, damaged nails make it easier for the fungus to enter the nail
  • Improper air circulation in their feet due to wearing the same shoes each day
  • Wet or damp feet
  • Not allowing shoes to dry and air out in between wearing them
  • Cutting nails too short which allows the fungus to enter the skin beneath the nail where it will nest.

Risk factors for toenail fungus include increased age, poor health, genetic disposition, nail injury, warm climate, public areas, immunosuppression (e.g., HIV, drug induced), and occlusive, non-breathing footwear.

Because this condition is relatively hard to treat successfully medical treatment over several months is required. Some of these treatments are thought to have serious side effects. Therefore most people are inclined to indulge in herbal, natural remedies first.

How To Prevent

  • Make sure to keep your feet dry as much as possible.
  • Not only after showering or bathing but also during the day when wearing shoes.
  • Leather shoes and cotton socks ventilate better which makes them more suitable.
  • Also make sure to change shoes daily or, even better, as much as possible.
  • Let your shoes dry out after wearing them. Let your feet air by taking of your shoes when possible.
  • If you think you are prone to developing this condition you could use anti-fungal powder as a preventive measure.
  • Wear slippers at public pools, showers and other public places instead of going barefoot.
  • Avoid sharing towels and washcloth.
  • Wash your hands after you have touched a nail that is infected to prevent contagion.
  • To avoid providing access to germs, do not pick at your nails or the surrounding area.

Treatment Options

There’s a wide range of treatment options. Some work for some people while others need other measures. Some popular natural treatments are taking foot baths with apple-cider vinegar or tea-tree oil. Also olive leaf extract and manuka honey, or manuka oil are used to treat toenail fungus naturally. In fact any herbal substance (oils or honey) with anti-fungal properties such as lavender can be used. Efficacy is not always guaranteed.

Other options are rubbing with alcohol, and or terbinafine/Lamasil and even Listerine (the mouthwash). People report about bathing their feet daily for about 10 minutes. If these natural and non-natural antiseptic agents don’t work more powerful treatments will be required to eradicate the fungus. In fact it is commonly stated by experts that many of these home made remedies such as Vaporub, Vicks, vinegar, Listerine, etc, simply don’t work.

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