Clear Skin Max Acne Treatment SystemThe answer to the question; Does Clear Skin Max work? is unambiguous. It may work for some people while others may have to resort to other measures. As is the case with many acne treatments. It’s just that there are various different skin types and the success of cures varies from person to person. Read on to learn if this product is for you.

Fact is that this popular over-the-counter acne treatment system has some unique benefits. Its potent properties , result of a powerful combination of proven effective substances, makes it one of the best solutions to work against the Propionibacterium acnes bacterium (which is the cause of acne) on the market today.

How Does Clear Skin Max Differ From Other Products?

The most prominent advantage of Clear Skin Max is that it offers a multiple acne treatment approach. To understand the reason why such a multi-angle approach suits acne treatment very well we’ll have to look into what contemporary science says about successful treatments of this skin condition.

Admittedly, experts do not yet fully grasp the mechanisms behind effective acne treatments but reducing and preventing acne outbreaks generally can be accomplished by meeting the following four criteria. (Therefore the best treatments provide a combination of these effects)

  • control sebum (natural oil present in the skin) shedding in the pores to counteract clogging
  • fighting off the ‘Propionibacterium acnes’ bacteria deep inside the follicles. This will lead to reduced inflammation, whiteheads, and blackheads.
  • reducing anti-inflammatory effects
  • hormonal direction

The key to treating acne successfully is to reduce the amount of oil on the skin that can expand and cause obstruction of pores. Proven over the counter acne cures consist mainly of the use of creams and lotions containing benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. But this often isn’t enough. As many acne sufferers know.

6 Products Combined To Reinforce Each Others Method of Action

Clear Skin Max is different because it consists of a kit containing 6 key products specifically designed and combined to alleviate acne. These ingredients components focus on the 4 criteria that should be met to fight acne successfully and sustainably. The products cover 6 treatment steps starting with a mask, then cleansing, after an emergency solution, then lotion, essence, and the last step; purifying tea.

The kit with its clinically proven ingredients that purify and clear your skin deeply and thoroughly includes:

  • Oil Control Cleansing Gel
  • Melanin Expel Essence
  • Tava tea Anti Acne Blend
  • Pore Conditioning Lotion
  • Acne Emergency Treatment Cream
  • Acne Vanisher Mask

A Closer Look At The Ingredients

Clear Skin Max is free of harmful ingredients such as sulfates, parabens, alcohol, and chemicals and is created with natural compounds which are calming and soothing. It treats acne topically as well as from the inside out. Let’s take a closer look at some of the components.

Oil Control Cleansing Gel
The daily cleansing gel consists of Tea Tree Oil, Chamomile Extract, and Bladderwrack Extract. According to Wikipedia: “tea trea oil (melaleuca oil) has been used with some success, where it is comparable to benzoyl peroxide but without excessive drying, kills P. acnes, and has been shown to be an effective anti-inflammatory in skin infections.”

Melanin Expel Essence
Clogged sebum in pores contains melanin. When melanin oxidizes it gets black. This is what causes the so undesired blackheads. The melanin essence slows cell shedding inside the hair follicles, which prevents the pores from clogging. It moisturizes the skin and helps keep the pores open. Open pores are better able to excrete the assembled dirt. The Essence works in conjunction with the Acne Vanisher Mask to extract unwanted substances from within the pores.

The essence also contains Nicotinamide, another name for vitamin B3, which, in gel form is a proven type of acne treatment. According to Wikipedia a 1995 study examining its topical use Nicotinamide: “The property of topical nicotinamide’s benefit in treating acne seems to be its anti-inflammatory nature. It is also purported to result in increased synthesis of collagen, keratin, involucrin and flaggrin, and may also, according to a cosmetic company, be useful for reducing skin hyperpigmentation (acne scars), increasing skin moisture and reducing fine wrinkles.”

Acne Vanisher Mask
The Acne Vanisher mask contains allantoin which is also named glyoxylic acid which is a proven effective acne cure. Often used as peels the use of glycolic acid alone is known to require much caution since it has shown to result in side effects such as scars in some people.

green tea leavesTava tea Anti Acne Blend
This blend helps alleviate itch and thus reducing the urge to scratc. Tava tea, or Wuyi Cliff Oolong tea, as it’s called also is one of the purest, organic forms of tea. It has been known for centuries to work wonders for skin ailments. Tava tea has potent anti-bacterial properties and is proven to deter hormone activity, reduce inflammation, lowering pimple redness, thus aiding the battle against the acne causing bacteria.

Moreover, the high contents of polyfenols in this tea may stimulate acne prevention by reducing free radicals that cause damage to tissues and cells in the human body. It also stimulates the growth of new, smoother skin, which helps reduce the appearance of acne scars. Studies demonstrate that topical use of a 3% tea extract based cream proved more effective then a Benzoyl Peroxide solution.

Find out more about the unique combination of ingredients on the website of the manufacturer.

Concluding: So Does Clear Skin Max Actually Work?

What can be said with certainty is that Clear Skin Max has helped lots and lots of acne sufferers. Read reviews of how it helped other acne sufferers like you get rid of these awful blemishes.

Do you want to become acne free, feel confident about your appearance, and get rid of social awkwardness again? Read more about Clear Skin Max ingredients on the supplier’s website.