After hearing about Amanda Hamilton’s weight loss program, I was secretly not too hopeful. Literally the internet and television is full of weight loss programs and promises, centered around the same concept. However, after my initial reaction, I now think, “shame on you.” Amanda Hamilton’s weight loss program is truly unique, realizing the “one size fits all”, really doesn’t fit all.

Hamilton and her team, not a greedy business, create a personal plan, for YOU, and you only. Their scientific method and calculations based on metabolic rate and caloric intake allow the user to maximize weight loss and avoid annoying, frustrating plateaus. By eating healthy and using nutrition as a guide, you no longer need snacks, and feel full for prolonged periods. It is all about balance. True, you are not eating whatever you want, in massive quantities, anytime, but you are able to eat more health versions of your all time favorites. Not only this, but food preparation is easy and quick. Just follow your personalized menu plans, diary, tracker, and shopping lists. Better yet, you are able to indulge realistically and sporadically —avoiding binging and starving. After all the benefits, many record a 5 pound loss adding to all the positive traits of the program.

You may have the food and a plan, what about weight loss tools? Hamilton also has that covered. The program offers a 24/7 online community, offering support and advice to those in need. You are not alone, you have others facing the same issues. You lose the weight and battle to keep it off permanently. Realistic, intelligent, scientific, and caring—easy and efficient. Change your life and body.