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Recently I read about negative calorie foods. There are whole lists circulating the internet with foods that should have negative calories. The thought behind it is that by chewing and digesting these foods your body burns more calories than it gets by eating such foods. Well, to be honest, I don’t think this is true. It sounds like a myth and according to it is.

You may have heard that some foods, because they are difficult to digest, will make you lose weight. Dubbed “negative-calorie foods,” citrus fruits and celery have both basked in this flattering light in fad diets over the years. The problem is that it’s not true.

The calories your body burns in fueling the digestive cycle are minuscule compared with the calories in the food itself. Although chewing celery might seem like a strenuous activity, it burns about the same amount of calories as watching grass grow.


Does Bio Oil Really Work On Stretch Marks?

Bio Oil is a highly marketed, popular product, said to help improve scars, uneven skin tones, aging and dehydrated skin, and stretch marks. But does it really work on stretch marks?

According to the advertisements:

Bio-Oil helps improve the appearance of all types of scars […] including stretch marks. Ideal for pregnant women, particularly in their second and third trimesters, Bio-Oil is the product most recommended by UK pharmacists to help reduce the appearance of scars, stretch marks, and pregnancy stretch marks.

So are these marketing claims true? Well, I have tried Bio-Oil religiously on my stretch marks and it didn’t work for me while in online customer reviews it does seem to benefit some people. Also Cocoa butter, Baby oil, and Palmers Tummy Butter didn’t help me prevent my pregnancy marks.

As a matter of fact, I don’t know anyone in person whose stretch marks were significantly reduced thanks to Bio Oil. I do admit that it helped reduce fine lines and wrinkles on my face. As it did for lots of other women:

Positive Bio Oil User Experiences:

  • “Makes my skin really supple and soft. Perfect for a dry skin.”
  • “Bio Oil smells really great”
  • “I noticed it reduces the appearance of fine lines and spots”
  • “Lightens my skin tone and blemishes”
  • “It helped fade my small facial scars”

After talking to my friends, asking other women, as well as reading loads of reviews I have come to the conclusion that this product may work for some people but mainly on smaller skin lesions such as minor scars and subtle skin discolorations and or uneven skin tone. Regarding stretch marks the opinions vary much more.

Mixed Opinions, Reviews, and Testimonials

Here are two typical, positive and negative, Bio Oil customer testimonials concerning striae treatment:

I used this on my stretch marks and really saw very little difference. We even took a picture before I started using it just to make sure. This was more of an experiment since I’m not really that self conscious about my stretch marks (they’re mostly covered up) so I’m not upset, but I was hoping for some more dramatic difference.

My niece from France recommended Bio Oil to me as it helped her striae. I loved the feel and the scent of it on my skin. I feel Bio Oil kept the marks down and also helped keep my skin supply during pregnancy.

It’s now 6 months since I gave birth to my daughter and I have been using Bio-Oil on my stretch marks daily. Noticed that my stretch marks look a lot better. I do have one on my side that I always seem to miss and I can see a difference between that one that has not received any Bio-Oil in the sense it is a lot redder than the others.

Bio Oil Dangerous? The Controversy Around Mineral Oil

Although very popular, there has been some controversy around Bio Oil. It is claimed to be a natural skin care product but critics state it could potentially be dangerous because it’s a mineral oil (liquid petroleum or Paraffinum Liquidum).

Clogs Pores?
Mineral oil is said to have numerous side effects, including worsening skin-related conditions such as acne and eczema. Various Bio oil ingredients are claimed to cause allergies and irritate eyes and skin. Surprisingly such complaints are not frequently mentioned in reviews. However, some dermatologists do not recommend using mineral oil because it clogs the pores, aggravating the skin. Many other experts state that cosmetic grade mineral oil is not comedogenic which means it does not cause zits or other breakouts. As was reported in a 2005 study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology. More in this article: Mineral Oil Won’t Give You Zits.

Causes Cancer?
According to some, petroleum, is a known carcinogen (directly involved in causing cancer). Antagonists of such ingredients suspect dangerous side effects to become clear years from now. They say that no matter how many times you refine it, mineral oil is still petroleum based and thus detrimental to our health. They think it may take years from now but eventually we will become aware of the health risks of petroleum based cosmetics.

Others state mineral oil to be nonreactive and biologically inert (incapable of reacting with anything in your skin). Bio Oil advocates report it to be a genuine miracle oil and frankly, speaking from experience, it does have some really nice, skin soothing properties.

Is there Proof Bio Oil is Bad for Your Health?

I did some research on this topic because there are more cosmetic products containing mineral oil. I wanted to know if it would be wise to avoid these but I can’t seem to get a clear view on it. My conclusion for now; as far as research shows Bio Oil is not proven to be harmful, does not dehydrate, does not cause cancer, and does not extract vitamins and minerals from the skin. Bio Oil (like all other cosmetic products) has to meet stringent purity requirements defined by the US FDA and international standards. But still, I’m not really reassured.

Bio Oil Alternatives for Stretch Marks Treatment

Because the efficacy of Bio Oil as a stretch marks treatment is unclear and disputed I became motivated to find a working alternative. There must be a product that actually works on stretch marks. Personally, I prefer to use natural cosmetics. For one reason because I think (actually I am convinced) that they are safer and healthier. But also because of skin permeability.

Wikipedia says:
“Human skin permeability is the ability of foreign substances to penetrate and diffuse through the skin. Skin naturally has a low permeability, thus protects the body from particles and foreign toxins by not allowing them to penetrate through the surface.”

Therefore, natural products are more easily absorbed which makes them better suitable to treat skin conditions such as stretch marks which are located in the deeper skin layers.

The Problem with Treating Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are difficult to treat and therefore most creams can not remove stretch marks completely. Up to 70 to 90 % of all pregnant women develop this condition. Apart from pregnant women also bodybuilders and adolescents who experience growth spurts are also likely to develop them. They are in fact damaged elastic fibers in the deeper layers of the skin. Or, more technically described, scars that consists mainly of fine, straight bundles of collagen arranged parallel to the surface. Most creams or oils don’t work because the elasticity of the skin depends on elastin proteins in your skin and they don’t have the ability to stimulate dermal elastin protein production.

What to Look For When Choosing a Stretch Marks Treatment Cream?

On the positive side, there are ways to get reduce stretch marks as well as to prevent them. A few things are important when determining which stretch mark product you should use:

  • Does the product contain effective ingredients? And if it does, how much of these ingredients are present? Some products only have very small amounts of an ingredient in order to put on the label the ingredient is present in the product.
  • A quality skin product has a delivery system such as liposomes, micro-sponges, or another type of carrier.
  • Take a look at customer reviews. Are they positive? What are the main complaints?
  • Is the company trustworthy? Does it have a good reputation, how is the customer service, can they be contacted easily?

Effective Ingredients are Key to a Quality Stretch Marks Product

The best ingredients to effectively treat striae stimulate and repair elastin and collagen, creating stronger, smoother and more elastic skin by speeding cell renewal and regeneration. These components are able to penetrate the outer layers of the skin because of its small molecular structure.

Humectants, Occlusives and Emollients

In order to find an effective stretch marks cream it is wise to take a look at the ingredients. Both quality and quantity matter. Suppliers often put very small amounts of certain ingredients in their products only for the sake of adding the ingredient on the label.

Stretch marks creams that really work have to consist of so called humectants, occlusives and emollients. This is rather technical but to put it simplified;

  • humectants draw water from the top skin layers and from outside the skin into the deeper dermal layers. One of the most effective humectants is glycerin.
  • Occlusives are also important. These are ingredients that slow the evaporation of water from the skin. Dimethicone is such a occlusive.
  • And emollients make quality ingredients. They help maintain the soft, smooth, and pliable appearance of the skin. A good emollient is squalene oil.

The Best Stretch Marks Creams 

During my search for information on Bio Oil, mineral oil, side effects, and other creams I stumbled upon one product I thought worthy of giving a shot. According to many reviews and customer testimonials Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention Cream actually works on striae. My examination of its list of ingredients is in line with this.

Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention Cream consists of a unique formula of natural ingredients. This cream is officially called a prevention product but it is advertised to work on existing striae too. And I can confirm because in my experience it did:

After having tried Revitol myself I noticed it did reduce the visibility and texture of my stretch marks. I also learned that the more superficial the striae, the more improvement can be made. Some of my less prominent striae has disappeared almost completely. I’m still treating my other, more harsh stretch marks.

Revitol’s ingredients:

Among this cream’s ingredients are the aforementioned dimethicone, squalene oil, and glycerine. (the humectants, occlusives and emollients that are essential).

Squalene oil enhances dermal resilience. Other ingredients are grape seed extract and vitamin E, A, and D3 which are known to fortify the collagen and elastin in the lower skin layer (epidermis). Grape seed extract contains antioxidants shown to be essential agents in preventing stria. Vitamin D3 can only be produced by the human body under the influence of sunlight. It plays a major role in reconstruction processes of the deeper dermal layers. Since excessive exposure to sun radiation is undesirable alternative sources are useful alternatives. Remember, it’s all about the ingredients, that’s why I was stimulated to try this product.

How Does This Revitol Cream Work?

It works by stimulating skin-cell replacement and enhancing the capacity for collagen development in the skin. The unique blend of various active, natural ingredients in Revitol stretch mark cream penetrate the skin, working its way down to the deeper layers. Because it penetrates the skin into its deeper layers it is able to stimulate its suppleness and elasticity from within. Thus, the epidermis is more resistant to the stretching of the skin thereby decreasing the chance on stretch marks.

By applying Revitol daily collagen production is increased and the skin becomes more pliable and elastic. More info about the ingredients and instructions for use can be found on the Revitol website.

Only a few of the many positive Revitol reviews:

“After about 5 weeks of applying Barmon stretch marks cream without any results, I switched to Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention. You can imagine how suprised I was to see it started working after only a few days! You’re supposed to see results in about 2 weeks, and it’s only been a little over 1, but my stretch marks have already faded I that much, I can barely see them anymore!”

“A friend told me about how Revitol helped fade her stretch marks. She was right! Not only that, but it’s only the third week I’m using this cream and I can already see my stretch marks becoming thinner. I am hoping they will be gone completely within a few weeks because my wedding is coming soon. 😀 “

You can buy Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention cream on the Revitol website. It is safe, natural, and proven and the company is offering a 90 day money back guarantee on the product.

I always drink whole milk and full fat yogurt and avoid the fat free, light, reduced-fat, skimmed milk products. As always there are two sides. The one that is convinced that light products are better for our health and the, less prominent side, that sticks with the products as they were intended by nature.

One thing I (do think to) know for sure is that we are manipulated by the food industry for commercial purposes only. The health claims they make are not to benefit our well being but only for their profits.

I am convinced it is better to drink milk of which the fat has not been removed because the fat isn’t in it for nothing. It has a purpose. If you are concerned about taking in too much fat or sugar just drink less of it.

For the same reason I sporadically drink cola but never cola light. I could go on about it but Megan has written an excellent post on this subject. It’s titled Why Whole Milk is the Healthiest Choice and it’s an interesting read.

Bovine colustrum is indicated to be very effective muscle growing supplement for bodybuilders and other athletes. No wonder it is becoming increasingly popular among athletes to promote performance and to build lean muscle mass.

According to Pubmed:

supplementation with bovine colostrum (20 g/d) in combination with exercise training for 8 wk may increase bone-free lean body mass in active men and women. Source: Pubmed

The Pubmed article titled: ‘The effects of bovine colostrum supplementation on body composition and exercise performance in active men and women’ concerns a 8 week during study in subjects participated in aerobic and heavy-resistance training. The whey protein group experienced a significant increase in body weight whereas the colostrum group experienced a significant increase in bone-free lean body mass.

So What Exactly Is Bovine Colostrum?

Bovine: refers to cows.
Colostrum: Is the first milk a mammal produces after giving birth. This very nutritious type of milk is also colloquially known as beestings, or bisnings and has a huge amount of vitamins and minerals to give the newborn a jumpstart.

Colostrum contains antibodies to protect the newborn against disease since it often has no immune system of its own right after birth. It is lower in fat and higher in protein than ordinary milk.

Did you know?
If a calf does not receive colostrum, it will die within a few days after birth.

Bovine Colostrum also contains growth factors. A newborn calf will be able to develop his young body in a very short time span. These benefits are used by human bodybuilders to support their muscle growth.

As a nutrient or supplement is has show to have the following benefits:

  • Natural immune system booster
  • stimulates lean muscle growth
  • contains loads of vitamins and minerals
  • speeds healing of injuries
  • regulates blood sugar
  • may help burn fat
  • contains a hormone called insulin-like growth factor-1 or IGF-1 that spurs growth.

The 20 grams used in the study to use is high compared to the concentration of most commercially available colostrum supplements. Most contain 500mg per capsule. Also the ingredients differ from product to product. So it’s wise to compare brands based on their ingredients.

Other, Bodybuilding Related Benefits:

The combined presence of insulin-like growth factors (IGF), transforming growth factors, immunoglobulins, cytokines, lactoferrin and lysozyme, in addition to hormones such as growth hormone, gonadotrophin-releasing hormone, luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone and glucocorticoids, would suggest that BC might improve immune function, gastrointestinal integrity and the neuroendocrine system, parameters that may be compromised as a result of intensive training. Source: Pubmed.

It should be noted that in a large part of these hormones will be destroyed by the stomach acids but there its use has shown an increase of IGF. It is suggested that it stimulates Igf production just like regular milk. Although there is a plethora of research and studies backing the fitness and overall health benefits of this supplement more research is needed on the bio-availability of hormones.

A review from

I was a competitive body builder in 2001 drug free and discovered colostrum through a natural body building site. I used it aggressivley for 3 months and gained 20 pounds of lean muscle and had amazing gains in strength and recoupe from my hard work outs. The stuff really works and is amazing for general health. I never had a cold or got sick at all over that time. I took several years off of body building but kept using the colostrum to keep up my health. I’m back working out again and have been using the colostrum for the last month while training 4 times a week and have put on 8 pounds LEAN muscle and have made amazing gains again, i swear by the stuff and have had several people take my advise and they are having the same results ot better… God bless you all.

A popular colostrum supplement on Amazon is 21st Century Colostrum. For a wider range of products check out = #1 Online Health and Fitness Supersite!

Interesting Bovine Colustrum Facts and Articles

Colostrum may boost immune function after exercise. Source: Center for Nutritional Research.

Colostrum, both in healthy subjects and high-risk cardiovascular patients, is at least 3 times more effective than vaccination to prevent flu and is very cost-effective. Source: Sage Journals Online

Bovine Colostrum, The Forgotten Miracle. Source:

I have been an avid fitness enthusiast / bodybuilder for a few years. It was about 3 years ago that I quit and started practicing kickboxing. Last week I resumed fitness and it feels good to be lifting weights again. I really enjoy my sport and am planning to treat my food intake et cetera seriously in order to get the best results.

My ex-father in law who was a doctor said whey will clog your intestines.

Something that haunted my head for the last week is the question if whey protein shakes are bad for your health? I remember my ex girlfriend saying something like that and now I want to know the facts. In fact it was her stepfather who now is a retired general practitioner who said the powder can be harmful. Do whey and other protein shakes leave a residue in your colon, are they bad for your liver, do they damage your kidneys, or is this a fable? Here’s a write-up on what I have learned.

Mixed views are abundant

When searching online both proponents and opponents of proteins shakes come up with convincing arguments. At first. When digging some more I do think I have a pretty clear and sound view on this matter. I must say that I did not find much study reports or other research findings regarding this subject. This post is more of a view of my opinion than a well-researched paper. Nevertheless I think I’m spot on.

Whey proteins are a quickly digested source of amino acids which makes them available for the muscles almost direct after training. These branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) as they are called help recover muscles after working out and stimulate muscle repair, thus growth.

Healthy use of whey as a supplement?

Those who warn for the dangerous health benefits of whey protein commonly state that its quality isn’t by far as good as the proteins present in meat, eggs, or fish. I can relate to that opinion. Vitamins in fruit and vegetables are of a better quality than those in supplements. But sometimes you can’t get it all from your food intake and that’s where vitamin pills or protein shakes come into play.

Another frequently heard warning is that these shakes are loaded with toxins. I don’t think this is true because I didn’t find any trustworthy source confirming this claim. There may be tiny, negligible quantities of heavy metals and other less wanted substances but that applies to many other nutrients as well.

Intestinal toxemia

I could not find any proof that the statement that whey protein powder clogs in your colon is true. I did read that intestinal toxemia is supposed to be caused by protein shakes. In fact this ailment occurs due to many different nutrients and yes, it may be caused by excessive whey intake. Not by taking a few shakes a week. I believe avoiding such ailments is merely a matter of a varied diet and perhaps being lucky not to be genetically predisposed to such conditions.

Protein shakes also don’t, by definition cause stomach problems, unless you have some kind of special sensitivity to them. As for any nutrient, if it hurts your stomach, stop using it. Whey protein is reported to make some people pass gas or belch a little bit. Whey does not cause ‘weight to stick’. Yes it potentially does, as will any nutrient do, if you take too much of it.

Too much of anything is never good… Well except for a few things of course..

I am convinced that whey protein shakes CAN cause kidney, liver, and colon damage. But only if you overdo taking them. Excessive intake of protein may result in your kidney having difficulties to metabolize the proteins. Scientific backing to support the claim that excessive intake of protein may cause kidney damage lacks. As is the same for the other health compromising claims regarding whey.

In fact, several studies show beneficial effects of whey protein supplements regarding treatment of diseases;

“Results from animal studies suggest that whey protein, but not casein protein, may provide protective effects against experimentally induced breast cancer in animals.”
Source: American Association for Cancer Research.


We and others have demonstrated that whey protein diets result in increased glutathione (GSH) concentration in a number of tissues, and that some of the beneficial effects of whey protein intake are abrogated by inhibition of GSH synthesis.
Source: Whey Proteins In Cancer Prevention – Anticancer RESEARCH 15: 2643-2650, 1995


I think the claim that whey protein powders and creatine are just worthless, harmful by-products of the dairy industry production dumped on the sports market to make some easy bucks is an old wives tale. Protein shakes are a valid option to increase protein when you are a bodybuilder or other type of athlete that wants to grow muscles more quickly.

On the one hand I do believe that natural sources are the best option but whey protein shakes can provide something extra. For example when you don’t have the opportunity to eat five or more meals a day containing meat, chicken, fish, cottage cheese, yogurt, milk, eggs, tofu, nuts and seeds. And let’s be realistic, who has that much time and opportunity. So I will be happily ordering my whey protein powder. (This is my favorite whey protein)

But I won’t drink two shakes a day like a friend of mine does. That may very well be unhealthy. I’m convinced about that. I don’t take multivitamin supplements each day as well. I take them a few times a week. Moderate behavior is healthy. Even when it comes to things that are good for you. In the end it’s all about common sense. If you have another opinion, or know about some studies I missed please let me know below.


Recently I spoke with a nutritionist and he told me that you actually need (whey) protein shakes in case you exercise a lot like I do. It’s very difficult to get all those proteins from your daily food intake.

At the moment I also take MMA classes but lately I noticed being tired all the time. I was told to take probiotics for recovery since balance in the intestinal flora seems to be very important. It’s been three weeks now and I feel fitter already. Anyone else experiences with probiotics for overall well-being and fitness?

Phen375 dietary supplementIs The Hype Surrounding Phen375 Reviews True?

A relatively newcomer on the weight loss market is Phen375. It is claimed to be one of the first, real effective, actually working dietary supplement. The market is overflown with scams so in order to determine what is real about the claims made we’ll take a look at studies, clinical trials, and other research conducted on the separate ingredients of Phen375. Read on to learn the truth about this so called revolutionary weight loss pill.

List of Phen375 Ingredients:

  • 1,3,7 Trimethylxanthine (a caffeine derivate)
  • 1,3-Dimethylpentylamine HCL (Hydrochloride)
  • L-Carnitine (an amino acid)
  • DHEA or Dehydroepiandrosterone (a steroid hormone)
  • Capsaicin (a naturally occurring chemical in spicy foods)

1,3,7 Trimethylxanthine is a Fancy, Scientific Name for Caffeine

1,3,7 Trimethylxanthine is an pharmacy made appetite suppressant. It is in essence caffeine, or more specifically a derivative of caffeine. It is said to boost fat burning. Some studies have shown it may play a role in preventing and reducing type 2 diabetes when taken regularly. It also functions as an appetite suppressant.

It sends a signal to the part of the brain (hypothalamus) that gives you a full feeling when eating. So in fact it works in two ways, it helps burn fat cells and makes you eat less.

This substance has ergogenic traits. The term ergogenic refers to dietary supplements intended to improve physical, mental, and energetic performance. It is reported that this Phen375 ingredient is able to boost exercise potential up to a whopping 50%!

It is generally accepted by clinicians and dietary experts that caffeine, whether it is found in green tea, coffee, or supplements plays a minor role in weight loss. It’s the next ingredient that makes Phen375 so potent.

1,3-Dimethylpentylamine HCL (Hydrochloride) is a Potent Supplement derived from the Geranium Flower

1,3-Dimethylpentylamine HCL (Hydrochloride) increases metabolism and energy (works in the body like adrenaline). In other words; it improves calorie burning processes while at the same time prevents fat cells being stored. Although synthesized in laboratory it comes from a natural source, the geranium flower. It, therefore, is also referred to as Geranium oil/extract.

Hydrochloride is a common ingredient in supplements that boost energy. Such supplements are popular among people who want to lose weight, bodybuilders, and other athletes. Because of its low side effects compared with ephedra or ephedrine it is utilized to replace these substances.

How does Geranium oil aid fat loss?
Primarily, it influences the central nervous system by acting as a norepinephrine-releasing agent norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor. This allows the body to secrete more norepinephrine and epinephrine which are the body’s most powerful fat-burning hormones. Geranium extract also has a synergistic effect with caffeine, which can increase fat burning. This effect is amplified to a significant greater degree than when either of these stimulants is used on its own. Hence the reason why the ‘ordinary’ caffeine is added to the mix.

Dimethylpentylamine HCL has been said to have a similar structure to more dangerous amphetamines which have been the active ingredients in now banned but really effective diet pills. This is what makes Phen375 so special. It’s a diet pill that combines the advantages of effective supplements without the negative side effect for which they have been removed from the market.

According to users it:

Gives a great deal of energy, like no other ingredient improves your fat burning and strongly suppresses the feeling of hunger. Just like ephedrine did too!

Studies as well as anecdotal reports show this Phen375 component is one of the most potent weight loss ingredients available without a prescription.

L-Carnitine is Popular Among Bodybuilders and Dieters

L-Carnitine, an artificial amino acid, is a natural occurring substance in food which is indispensable for the transport of fats. L-carnitine is the synthetic, bioactive form of our physical carnitine.

It enhances slimming processes by releasing stored fatty acids (tryglycerides) into the bloodstream. An additional benefit is that this process leads to heightened energy levels.

L-Carnitine naturally occurs in red meat, poultry, eggs, dairy products, fish and other seafood. Apart from its fat burning properties it’s also an energy booster, and an appetite suppressant. Moreover, it is a proven muscle building substance. No wonder it is frequently used by bodybuilders as a standalone supplement.

In fact, L-Carnitine has lots of other health benefits. It, for example is very rich in anti-oxidants and decreases the amount of fat cells build up in the liver and heart. It also manages cholesterol levels.

A study among 18 obese subjects demonstrated that carnitine significantly increased weight loss. L-carnitine also has a beneficial effect on heart rate and decreases blood pressure levels.

DHEA or Dehydroepiandrosterone: Depletion of this Hormone Makes People Put on Weight when Getting Older

DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) is a steroid hormone that naturally occurs in the human body. The decrease of this hormone is partially responsible for the fact that people put on weight more easily when they get older.

Research indicates that DHEA plays an effective role in managing weight problems. Recent studies show it not only has outstanding weight loss benefits but also anti-aging properties and general health benefits.

Even the most distinct critics say: “It’s not a magic pill, but it works.”

In a 1988 report published in PDR for Nutritional Supplements, Researchers David Rorvik and Sheldon Saul Hendle wrote that;

“high-dose DHEA could favorably affect lipids and induce weight loss in young males”.

A study conducted by the Temple University, DHEA-supplements enabled adult men to lose 31 percent of mean body fat , as cited in Joseph B. Marion’s Anti-Aging Manual. According to one of these researchers:

“DHEA can help a person lose weight by blocking an enzyme known to produce fat tissue .”

Capsaicin-1.12 is the Subtance that makes Spicy Foods Hot

Capsaicin-1.12 makes you eat less and diminishes fat cell growth. It also raises blood circulation and body temperature which allows for more calories to be burned. Because it increases the amount of digestive fluids in the stomach it also improves digestion.

  • A 2007 study report, published in the American Chemical Society’s Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, shows that capsaicin inhibits fat cell growth.
  • Dutch researchers discovered that people who drank tomato juice spiked with chili powder lessened their total caloric intake by 16 percent.


While many, if not most, weight loss supplements contain ineffective ingredients Phen375 does have some interesting, promising compounds. Some manufacturers make use of shady practices such as mentioning an ingredient on the label but not putting enough of it in a capsule to be actually effective. Another common tactic is to use the scientific name of a certain compound. e.g. 1,3,7 Trimethylxanthine instead of the normally used name caffeine.

Phen375 does use difficult sounding scientific terms also, but on the other hand, this practice is common in many markets. Think about the cosmetic industry where scientifically sounding terms are abundant. What’s even more important is that, in conclusion we can say, that there are some convincing aspects to the ingredients used in Phen375. Studies and other research indicate that it has effective weight loss properties. It is not the cheapest product available but many alternatives just don’t work so in the end you might want to pay a little more for something that actually helps you shed those pounds.

Keep in mind that a miracle cure does not exist. There is no pill that will make you lose weight without adjusting your food intake and/ or exercise activities. But many of us who struggle with excessive fat know that we can use that edge. Something that keeps us motivated and helps us get slim. Phen375 will probably be your best bet among the vast amount of supplement available today.

Where To Buy Phen375?

Phen375 can be purchased online on the official website of the manufacturer.

Some more details on the Phen375 weight loss supplement:

  • It is made in an FDA regulated lab in California
  • Synthetic with the highest fat burning capability possible
  • Feel the energy of this fat burner within 20 minutes
  • Suppresses appetite and burns fat fast
  • Lose 2lbs to 5lbs of fat each week
  • 30 tablets free for every 90 purchased * Free 30 count with every 90 purchase
  • 100% legally effective fat burner
  • Full 45 month money back guarantee
  • Totally free 30-day diet plan/meal planner included
  • 24 hour support via phone and email
  • Fast, discreet, and free shipping

More on this effective dietary supplement here: Phen375 Review – Does It Really Work?

The Best Home Remedies For Scars

There are loads of home remedies for scars but most of them don’t really work. When you start searching online for information on which remedy is the best you’ll soon lose track of all the different opinions and well-meant advice.

Which over-the-counter scar remedy is best depends on what type of scar it concerns. Therefore a short explanation of the most common types of scar tissue. Scar tissue consists of dense fibrous connective tissue that forms over dermal trauma. Sometimes the body’s reaction is overdone which results in excessive tissue. This may lead to both cosmetic as well as functional deformities, discomfort (e.g. itch and pain), and psychological stress (e.g. damaged self-confidence).

  • Hypertrophic scars are probably the most frequently occurring scars. They are characterized by discolorization, and elevation. They appear as red or purple, raised, lumpy scars. They may itch and, in some cases, can be painful.
  • Keloid scars are also discolored and raised but these are more problematic because they grow beyond the boundaries of the initial wound. They are relatively hard to treat and recurrence is a common problem.
  • Atrophic scars are indented/ depressed. This type of scar tissue is formed because underlying structures supporting the skin, such as fat or muscle, are lost.
  • Stretch marks (striae) are also a form of scarring. These are caused when the skin is stretched rapidly (for instance during pregnancy, significant weight gain or adolescent growth spurts), or when skin is put under tension during the healing process. Also hormonal changes seem to be of influence on the development of such scar tissue.
  • Contractures often caused by burns and sometimes other trauma that leads to the loss of a part of the of skin which leads to a scar that contracts the edges of the skin together.

Research demonstrates that hydration of scar tissue, regardless which type, helps with improving their appearance. Apart from that it also plays a role in preventing excessive scar tissue from creating. It is no wonder that most home modalities make use, in one or another way, of hydration.

Popular home remedies are;

  • Topical vitamin E – capsules, oil, or creams
  • stable forms of vitamin C
  • Onion extract based ointments such as Mederma cream
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Aloe vera – pure and as a cream
  • Cod liver oil
  • Cucumber and lemon juice
  • Essential oils such as lavender oil
  • Silicone gel creams
  • Occlusive dressings e.g. polyurethane and silicone dressings
  • Vitamin A (retinol / retinoid) creams
  • Chemical peels such as glycolic acid. Commonly used as a remedy for acne scars
  • Pressure garments

Some of these work on some types of scarring. Others are better suitable for other types while others just don’t work. That’s not my opinion but these statements are based on scientific publications and clinical trials and studies. In the summary the best home remedies are bolded.

Silicones for example are best suitable for hypertrophic and other raised and colored scars. Keloids might diminish although they are hard to get rid of. Here’s an in-depth testimonial of someone who has used this remedy on his post surgery scars.

Pressure garments have historically (since the 1960’s) been used on burn and contracture scars. Here’s more info on over-the-counter burn scar treatments.

Also honey is sometimes mentioned as an effective scar remedy. There is no clinical proof backing such claims but honey does in fact help speed wound healing which indirectly may result in less scar creation.

Zetaclear reviewDid you try all kinds of toenail fungus treatments? And none of them worked? And are you considering to try Zetaclear? In that case, read on to learn about my experiences. I was rather skeptical about getting rid of my persistent toenail fungus infection. I had tried many products but none actually worked. So when I stumbled upon Zetaclear ads I was convinced it to be yet another scam. But something made me decide to order it and try it out. Luckily for me because it really did work for me. I am finally toenail fungus free now! Read this Zetaclear toenail fungus treatment review to find out if it can help you get rid of those ugly nails too.

Is Zetaclear Toenail Fungus Treatment a Scam?
It first I thought it was but when I visited their website I learned that this treatment differs from the many other options available in stores and online. I noticed that it concerns a two-phased treatment. The two steps involve a topical and an oral solution. A spray that is applied on the infected toenails themselves and a homeopathic spray that works the infection from the inside out. It is absorbed in the bloodstream and fights the infection systemically. At first I remained wary because, hey we all know the marketing tales and pitches from TV and the internet. But I am glad I tried it because this is not a scam! It actually worked for me. I have used Zetaclear for barely 5 to 6 weeks and I got my smooth, youthful nails back. It was only after a week that I already started noticing improvement! (I understand this is not typical, I may have been lucky.)

How Does It Work?
The two steps I described provide a synergistic effect. They are referred to as an Oral Homeopathic and a Spray and Clear Nails Solution. They compliment each other. In fact it’s all about the ingredients. Here are a few of them with their unique traits:

  • Arsenicum album: Arsenicum album is one of the fifteen most important substances used in homeopathy. It has powerful fungal growth inhibiting properties.
  • The anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties of undecylenic acid have been investigated widely and proven effective.
  • Clove oil is a so called plant fungicide. The fungicidal activity of clove oil has been reported in several scientific publications.
  • Tea tree oil is widely know for its powerful fungi fighting action.

Other Zetaclear Ingredients are; Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E Oil and Lemongrass Oil.

Did You Know?
Did you know that the Mayo Clinic points out that the most effective treatment of toenail fungus make (partially) use of oral medication. Such treatments work by helping new, fungus free, nail growth.

Zetaclear is a safe and natural treatment for toenail fungus which doesn’t offer the harmful side effects associated with many prescription type products. Research reports and clinical trials indicate that Zetaclear is by far the best toenail fungus treatment available on the market today. It fights this particular nail problem. To be more specific, it has several mechanisms of action:

  • restores natural keratin growth,
  • exfoliates yellow keratin debris,
  • and kills the fungus while boosting the growth of new, healthy nails.

Why Choose Zetaclear?

Too many of the prescription medications, as well as over-the-counter treatments, only offer relief from the symptoms of the condition without really doing anything to kill the fungus. Choosing the wrong treatment for nail infection may agitate nail fungi and lead to more severe infection and fungus resistance to that particular treatment.

If you have ever tried other toenail fungus treatments like I did, you should really try Zetaclear. You won’t be disappointed. This is not a scam. There are no known side effects, it’s effective, natural, and has been proven to be completely safe to use (FDA registered).

Follow the footsteps of hordes of satisfied customers by ordering your toenail fungus solution now! The company has a money-back-guarantee and has a two bottles for free offer right now. Once you have gotten your old, healthy nails back, don’t hesitate to drop your Zetaclear toenails fungus review in the comment section below.

Up to 30 million Americans and about 10% of the world population suffer from toenail fungus. At the end of your life the chance you will have had this infection is about fifty-fifty. This condition can not only be embarrassing, and sometimes even painful, but also hard to get rid of as well.

The microscopic little organisms that cause the fungus thrive on warm, dark, and moist conditions and live under toenails which makes treatment arduous. For this reason toenail fungus is more common than fingernail fungus.

The infection, also referred to as ringworm of the nail, is commonly spread in public areas such as showers and swimming pools because of optimal conditions.  Also in nail salons with questionable hygiene you can get the fungus from someone else when for example the nail clippers haven’t been disinfected (properly).

There are four types of fungal infections which are shared under the medical term onychomycosis. These types are:

candidal, proximal subungual, distal subungual and white superficial. Distal subungual refers to an infection that impacts the nail bed and the underside of the nail plate; whereas candidal is more commonly found on the fingernails, generally resulting from a previously damaged nail being frequently submerged under water.

Causes of Toenail Fungus

The cause of getting infected with the toenail fungus is that it it highly contagious. So if you have it you have most likely gotten it from someone else. There are factors that increase the risk on getting infected:

  • Broken, damaged nails make it easier for the fungus to enter the nail
  • Improper air circulation in their feet due to wearing the same shoes each day
  • Wet or damp feet
  • Not allowing shoes to dry and air out in between wearing them
  • Cutting nails too short which allows the fungus to enter the skin beneath the nail where it will nest.

Risk factors for toenail fungus include increased age, poor health, genetic disposition, nail injury, warm climate, public areas, immunosuppression (e.g., HIV, drug induced), and occlusive, non-breathing footwear.

Because this condition is relatively hard to treat successfully medical treatment over several months is required. Some of these treatments are thought to have serious side effects. Therefore most people are inclined to indulge in herbal, natural remedies first.

How To Prevent

  • Make sure to keep your feet dry as much as possible.
  • Not only after showering or bathing but also during the day when wearing shoes.
  • Leather shoes and cotton socks ventilate better which makes them more suitable.
  • Also make sure to change shoes daily or, even better, as much as possible.
  • Let your shoes dry out after wearing them. Let your feet air by taking of your shoes when possible.
  • If you think you are prone to developing this condition you could use anti-fungal powder as a preventive measure.
  • Wear slippers at public pools, showers and other public places instead of going barefoot.
  • Avoid sharing towels and washcloth.
  • Wash your hands after you have touched a nail that is infected to prevent contagion.
  • To avoid providing access to germs, do not pick at your nails or the surrounding area.

Treatment Options

There’s a wide range of treatment options. Some work for some people while others need other measures. Some popular natural treatments are taking foot baths with apple-cider vinegar or tea-tree oil. Also olive leaf extract and manuka honey, or manuka oil are used to treat toenail fungus naturally. In fact any herbal substance (oils or honey) with anti-fungal properties such as lavender can be used. Efficacy is not always guaranteed.

Other options are rubbing with alcohol, and or terbinafine/Lamasil and even Listerine (the mouthwash). People report about bathing their feet daily for about 10 minutes. If these natural and non-natural antiseptic agents don’t work more powerful treatments will be required to eradicate the fungus. In fact it is commonly stated by experts that many of these home made remedies such as Vaporub, Vicks, vinegar, Listerine, etc, simply don’t work.

Click here for a very popular toenail fungus cure alternative.

African Mango for Weight Loss

Some pretty convincing evidence shows African Mango to help losing weight successfully. The extract seems to have other benefits as well. It’s reported to be an effective way to blood sugar levels, manage cholesterol, and prevent or control diabetes.

The main, active ingredient in this new weight loss supplement contains a high rate of dietary fibers. These are frequently used for the treatment of obesity. Not only do fibers prevent constipation, they also lower cholesterol, help manage blood sugar, and help prevent certain diseases such as bowel cancer.

African mango contains an adaptogen which normalizes blood fats, boosts the body’s ability to burn fat and may help promote normal cholesterol and c-reactive protein (CRP) levels, preventing CRP from adhering to leptin.

There’s a long tradition of eating the fruit and nuts as well as using them in traditional medicine. Therefore it is known to be safe. There is, on the other hand, not sufficient clinical evidence to deem this substance safe for pregnant or nursing women. Also some mild side effects have been reported during studies and by those who use this extract.

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